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The newest innovation in awards shows launches this year, with partners, Hardest Bars, Mixtape Madness & Unilad to bring a hugely influential, live-stream award ceremony: The UK Rap Awards.


This is UK Rap Awards highlights, acknowledges and celebrates the grass roots plus emerging acts, producers, label’s and brands who have helped to build one of the most popular genres in the world. 


UK Rap has changed the landscape within the music industry, evolving and catapulting into the mainstream running squarely alongside its US counterparts finding its place within a more commercial sphere. 


As a previously urban genre, the only thing that changed is its visibility, garnering universal appeal. This highly anticipated live-stream event will provide audiences a fascinating insight and ‘much deeper connections’ into their favourite artists, provide an open conversation with viewers with this hugely relatable and immersive concept. 


The UK Rap Awards reaches the demographics other shows cannot – Young audiences, reflecting the contemporary UK music culture resonating with its young audience, an opportunity that is hugely valuable to industry and advertisers.


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