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Drill Music, Good or Bad?

Drill rap is currently one of the most popular genres of music in the world, particularly amongst young people. But despite its popularity, the genre is highly controversial due to the violent lyrics and messages that Drill rappers typically have in their music. But Drill is still loved by many for the hard-hitting and energetic lyrics and beats that are unique to the genre.

One of the most common criticisms of Drill music is that it incites violence and promotes gang activity. Many Drill rappers have faced legal troubles, and some are known to have serious feuds with other gang-associated individuals, which are even sometimes other high-profile drill artists. We have unfortunately lost many Drill artists to violence or long-term prison sentences as a result of their lifestyles.

Due to its unfiltered street image, many critics have pushed to have the genre censored and even banned from certain platforms, while some Drill artists struggle to gain acceptance from the mainstream. However, it can be argued that the topics that Drill rappers touch on is the reality of their lifestyles and environment, and that they are simply using music as an outlet to express their thoughts.

Also, some artists have clearly shown that Drill music can be more fun than violent and even appeal to the mainstream world, such as Pop Smoke and Russ.

One of the great things about Drill is that it provides opportunities for talented individuals who come from difficult upbringings to showcase their talents to the world and change their lives for the better. Take Chief Keef for example, who we all witnessed grow from a young teenager living the dangerous Chicago street life to one of Rap’s biggest superstars.

Hopefully more artists can find ways to capitalise off of Drill without falling to violence or legal troubles. Regardless of how anyone feels about Drill music, it looks like it is here to stay, and some of us are going to enjoy it.

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